Ex WOI Bright Segbefia educating the cadets on the Poppy FlowerThe A/PRO of Veterans Administration, Ghana (VAG), Ex WOI Bright Segbefia, on 9 April, 2016, was at Army Recruit Training School (ARTS), Shai Hills, to talk about the poppy flower to the Greater Accra regional cadet corps rounding up their one week leadership training camp.

Themed: ‘Leadership and patriotism, the role of the student volunteer cadet in nation building,’ the training sought to take the 72 cadets through map reading, physical fitness, leadership, radio communication, among others.

After an impressive parade, reviewed by the Commanding Officer of ARTS, Lt Col Worlanyo Agbebo, who cautioned them against impersonation and urged them to focus on their books if they really wanted to enroll in the military, the cadets gathered to be enlightened on the poppy flower.

Ex WOI Segbefia told them that with their orientation and patriotism, VAG identified them as people to be contacted to reach students of public schools who will also educate others on the significance of the poppy flower and the need to donate to it as a way of supporting the nation’s veterans for their sacrifices. The A/PRO said it was, therefore, important for them to be well informed about the poppy flower to enable them to be effective in the assignment. He asked them to eschew negative practices such as drug use and study seriously.


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